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Art-Sociology, floor 2, bathroom 2

Directions: Walk into the Art-Sociology Building through the door on the plaza between Benjamin, Tawes, and Art-Soc. Inside, you will see a short hallway on your left — go down this hall. The bathroom is the first door on the right.


Cleanliness: F

This one is a creatively dirty bathroom — the WATER smells funny. The water! Like really, dude. If you wash your hands you feel dirtier.

Odor: C

You won’t be confusing this joint with a homemade apple pie, but it’s not terrible. EXCEPT FOR THE GODDAMN WATER.

Solitude: D

It’s right inside the busiest entrance, and there aren’t that many facilities.

Lighting: B-

Lit brightly enough, but it probably doesn’t matter. Just keep walking.


Stalls: 1, manual flush

Urinals: 1, manual flush

Sinks: 2, manual faucets

Notes: The only thing saving this bathroom is the newspaper stand 10 feet from the door. I don’t know how one specific bathroom can have different water than everywhere else, but I can’t get past it. The WATER!


[recommended for review by metalheman]


South Campus Dining Hall, main floor

Directions: Walk in the front door of the diner and turn right. Against the wall in front of you will be a short set of stairs to the back dining room, encased in one side with glass panes. Go up those steps. The bathroom will be in front of you to the left.


Cleanliness: F

I honestly don’t remember a time I was in this bathroom without seeing somebody’s poop somewhere. Not always in the toilet. But yeah, everything’s gross and drippy and poorly maintained.

Odor: C+

Surprisingly, all the poop doesn’t negatively impact the smell too much. Not awful, but not rosy.

Solitude: D

Thousands of students come through the diner every day, and a lot of them have to use the bathroom. It also appears to be the only bathroom accessible to dining hall employees, so there really isn’t much alone time.

Lighting: D-

No lights above the stalls, but the lighting in the rest of the bathroom is harsh and bright enough that a barely acceptable amount seeps in.


Stalls: 2, motion flush

Urinals: 4, motion flush

Sinks: 3, motion faucets

Notes: Pretty much only an option if you just ate the pepperoni roll and can’t make it home.