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Health Center, first floor

Directions: Walk into the front door of the Health Center and past the red phone booth. Turn down the first hallway on your left; it’s the first door on your left.


Cleanliness: A-

It’s not a new bathroom, but it appears to be cleaned pretty frequently.

Odor: A

Great, clean smell. That’s all. Like a hug from somebody you like a little bit — nothing to write home about, but it’s still nice.

Solitude: A-

It’s a solo bathroom that many folks either don’t consider using or don’t have the guts to go into — it’s easy to get to and still not very popular.

Lighting: A-

Maybe almost too bright, especially for the poor souls stumbling into the Health Center with swine flu or syphilis or whatever.


Stalls: 1, motion flush

Urinals: 0

Sinks: 1, manual faucet

Notes: A great bathroom that provides a fabulous alternative to the high-traffic ones across the street in Stamp; it’s kind of awkward to have to knock whenever you have to use it, but if you can get past that, you’re golden.