The Fresh Roll: Turtle REPLACED?!

We might have a new bar in town! Like, a real one! From the PG Gazette’s David Hill:

The now-defunct Thirsty Turtle bar in College Park could soon be replaced, and city officials hope its proposed replacement won’t prove as problematic as its predecessors.

John McManus, owner of The Barking Dog in Bethesda, has expressed interest in opening a second location at 7416 Baltimore Ave. in College Park, formerly home to Thirsty Turtle. McManus is scheduled to go before the Prince George’s County Board of License Commissioners on Feb. 22 to request a liquor license for the property.

But, from Bailey Henneberg at College Park Patch:

Although McManus’ liquor license for 7416 Baltimore Ave. is on the Board of License Commissioners’ official agenda, his plans may not be set. Patch talked with The Barking Dog’s general manager Christiana Hallas Tuesday afternoon about the potential for McManus starting a new operation in College Park.

“As far as I know, he’s not inquired into that,” said Hallas, who has worked for McManus for 10 years. She recalled times in the past when he looked into establishing new locations, but those didn’t pan out.

“I talk to him more than my husband,” Hallas said, explaining that he normally lets her in on his plans, yet she has heard nothing about him setting up in the Thirsty Turtle’s spot.

Sounds like this McManus character is a secretive fellow, keeping his plans from his general manager. I like it. Secretive fellows let more high-schoolers dance on their bar and get squirted with water. Also I think old Christiana needs marriage counseling.

Also revealed: Turtle owner Alan Wanuck has 17 years left on his lease. I don’t know a lot about leasing things, but I don’t know that I would sign up for anything and promise to stick around for two decades. That’s like, three marriages, minimum.

We’ll keep you updated.



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