No-poop advisory: Tydings, floor 1

[Edit 1/25/11, 17:30: As of about an hour ago, this bathroom was completely out of commission — “OUT OF ORDER” sign and all. Also the water fountains on the floor didn’t appear to be working either. May be a larger problem than just a vile poo.]

Heads up, folks — some prolifically digestive individual has dropped a deuce in the first-floor men’s bathroom in Tydings that could be  classified as a terrorist act. I just wandered in to wash my hands and I swear I could hear Osama bin Laden recording a new audio tape in one of the stalls.

Speaking of hand-washing, the review of this bathroom has been downgraded to “one of the worst” because it was discovered today that the sinks don’t work and every government major poops there every day at least twice.

Careful out there, comrades.



2 responses to “No-poop advisory: Tydings, floor 1

  1. If I may add the women’s bathroom in the basement lockeroom of eppley… trust.

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