WE’VE DONE IT! University of Maryland users became the number one users of Sporcle in the ENTIRE COUNTRY last week, overtaking the pale, shivering bastards at the University of Michigan with a mind-blowing 105,840 points.

"World fucking champions."

I don’t have any idea what these points signify, but the Terps have more than anybody else so a big “hell yeah” goes out to all you Sporclers stepping it up and hitting those ambiguous benchmarks. Our football team may be playing a cold-weather bowl against some crap called “East Carolina,” but our pointless online quiz ranking is primo.

The ACC as a whole was very well represented: Boston College came in fourth and UNC took the 6 spot, and the rest of the ACC schools made the top 25 except for Virginia, Florida State and Miami. No surprises there. Chumps.


[hat tip: David P. from the windy city]



  1. Must’ve been all that sporcling over summer with our orientation students haha whooops!

  2. Go Noles!

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