The Fresh Roll exclusive: 7-Eleven to get REAL renovated, son

The 7-Eleven on Knox Road will be closing next Wednesday until Jan. 22, according to the owner. He is nice. His name is Million. He has a mustache.

And they’re planning big things: he said workers will be working in around-the-clock shifts to finish the job before the spring semester starts.

They plan to expand the rear of the store by 12 feet, shift the registers over to the left wall and put the drink fridges in the middle, where the candy is now. He said it’s going to be “a whole new store.” I am inclined to enthusiastically agree, so long as this “new store” still sells iced tea and taquitos. Is there an ‘s’ in that? Taquitoes? I don’t know; spell check is flummoxed too.

In other news, the China Cafe, that random Chinese restaurant next door to the 7-Eleven, will be opening back up Dec. 15. No word yet on if anyone cares.



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