Shitters for the ages: John Lennon’s toilet sells for PEANUTS

Some guy just bought John Lennon’s personal pooper that he used from 1969-1972 — the span in which he co-wrote Abbey Road AND Let It Be — for £9,500, which, according to Almighty Google, is less than $15,000.

Seriously? If I know Lennon at all — which I do! — he probably wrote “Come Together” while sitting on this thing, and probably at least the chorus of “Don’t Let Me Down,” and nobody could pony up more than the price of a used Kia for it. That’s like spending 17 bucks to buy Winston Churchill’s cane. Give me a break.

This thing is actually horrifyingly filthy, but Lennon's skid marks look like blue leaves so nobody's had the heart to speak up.


[thanks for the news tip goes to loyal Inventory reader and professional heartbreaker Anna I.]


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