The Fresh Roll: New bus timer thing

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The days of figuring out when the next bus is coming by poking at that little electronic thing at the campus bus stops are apparently gone:

These little babies are now up at a bunch of bus stops, and they work, though it appears whoever is responding to the texts is using their elbow instead of their fingers. Here’s the correspondence that occurred when I tested the sign above, located in front of the Art-Soc building:


NBUS UMD 27719


Welcome to NBUS.

Msg&Data Rates May Apply
Txt HELP for help
Txt STOP to stop

Ok what is this “1msg/wk” thing? Am I about to get spammed? Who knows but that was a damned useless text.

THEM, again:

Reply with # for route:
1) 118 Gold
2) 106 Frank Pk Grn

This is nice, but why can’t they spell out the route names? They just sent a three-page essay about how to ask for help and then don’t spell out “Franklin Park Greenbelt”?




r=118 Gld
s=Art/Sclgy Bldng
d=Rssbrg Dr&Knx Rd
Note: Nxt Bs wll nt be rnnng untl Strdy Agst 28.

Rply: B)ack, 1-30) for alert or S)ave name

So this is what to expect. It makes sense, if you work kind of hard at it. But I can’t help thinking maybe it would have been easier to have just kept that cute little button that told you when the bus was coming. I would have called DOTS Director David Allen for comment but I haven’t yet worked up the nerve to ask officials serious questions from a publication called the Bathroom Inventory. I’ll sack up soon I promise.



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