Meet the intern

All students in the College Park Scholars program are required to have an internship in their first two years of school. Sophomore finance major Trey Ames didn’t have one — until now. He will be the Bathroom Inventory’s fall 2010 intern, and we will work the shit out of him, pun probably intended.

This is what he looks like. He’s a nice guy. Also ladies, he’s single and is known for both his basketball skills and his discerning eye for quality restrooms.

He told me he was born on January 20, 1991. Then he started telling me about his childhood but I wasn’t really listening. His official title is “advertising director and resident scapegoat,” so we’ll see what kind of weird stuff we can cook up for him to do. More to come soon.



One response to “Meet the intern

  1. full reviews of off campus bathrooms are expected, im talking the restaurants, bars, house parties, and other seedy establishments of cp. he better get to work.

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