Tydings Hall, ground floor

Directions: Enter through the front door, under the large concrete balcony, and take a left. On your left.


Cleanliness: C

The problem with Tydings is the toilets just don’t always flush. And the floors are ugly.

Odor: A-

Definitely a strong point here. My nose was baffled when I entered and it picked up a smell that could almost be described as fresh.

Solitude: D

This is the lone bathroom on a floor full of large discussion classrooms and a short walk away from the largest lecture hall on campus. People are going to be in here.

Lighting: A

Bright, but not obnoxious, the fluorescents in here nicely illuminate the whole room. Bring your own reading material or sit back and enjoy the douchey graffiti on the walls that would make ol’ Senator Millard proud.


Stalls: 2, motion flush

Urinals: 3, motion flush

Sinks: 2, automatic faucets

Note: Good luck getting out of the smaller stall. In another bonehead move by the Tydings bathroom designer, the door to that stall opens inside, creating an uncomfortably tight squeeze when trying to escape the already cramped toilet space.



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