Armory, basement level

Directions: Walk into the Armory using the door on the side of the building facing the Lee Building; the door farthest away from the Administration Building. Turn down the first hallway on your right. It’s the only door on your right.


Cleanliness: A

It’s humongous but hardly ever used. Whatever filth would accumulate there is spread out over the collective area of what I believe to be the second-largest bathroom on campus.

Odor: A+

It actually smells like fresh air in here! Not piss, not cleaning supplies, not trying to smell like fresh air, it’s just… nice.

Solitude: A-

It’s actually pretty well-traveled, but there are eight stalls. Seriously. You’re not going to have to worry about somebody trying to play footsie with you.

Lighting: A-

It’s like daylight in there. Lighting isn’t positioned directly over the stalls, but it’s bright enough outside to make its way in.


Stalls: 8, manual flush

Urinals: 9, motion flush

Sinks: 5, motion faucets

Notes: A great bathroom, despite it being sort of out of the way. Also, there’s a great water fountain outside the door and a newspaper stand just feet away.



One response to “Armory, basement level

  1. I would give this bathroom a lower grade due to the lack of protection that the urinals offer. Your going to give someone a clear look at your junk. They are essentially just exposed toilets.

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