Art-Sociology, floor 2, bathroom 1

Directions: Walk into the Art-Sociology Building through the door on the plaza between Benjamin, Tawes, and Art-Soc. Walk down the small staircase in front of you and follow the pathway around the atrium. Follow the curve of the path to the right and go through the double-doors to the left of the Art Gallery. It will be on your left.


Cleanliness: B-

It’s old, but there’s really nothing wrong with it.

Odor: C+

It’s a bathroom. It smells like a bathroom.

Solitude: B

It’s not too far off the beaten path, but there are several more accessible bathrooms around.

Lighting: B-

The lights are bright but poorly placed. Not terrible though.


Stalls: 2, motion flush

Urinals: 3, motion flush

Sinks: 5, motion faucets

Notes: An average bathroom, maybe slightly cleaner. Not one to seek out, but certainly not one to shy away from. Also, we’ve noticed that the number of sinks is almost always equal to the number of stalls — we’re investigating any regulatory reasons why this might be, but this particular bathroom has a ridiculous number of sinks. So… there’s that.



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